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jeudi 22 août 2013

we love...

Dominic, AKA Stranger Danger, has been a part of the underground music
scene since 1992. Going from house dancer, to promoter, to DJ, and now producer, Danger has followed a natural progression for those who love House Music.
Having a grandfather who was a Baptist preacher and a dad in a funk band, Danger's love for music started early in life. Since his first rave in the early 90's, Danger soaked up the eclectic diversity in the Bay Area and grew to love and appreciate House Music for its energy and community, as well as its soulful healing and message.
As a DJ, Danger runs the gamut from deep rich vocals and moody chuggy beats to the occasional jack tune. As a producer, he makes swingy and or deep tracks, but is looking to do some big room vocals in the future. Danger's got an ear for music, so in his mix sets you'll always find a song or two you really like, and hopefully haven't heard over and over again.
Stranger Danger is just getting started.

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