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Pap AfroJazz

Guitarist from Senegal. he explored African rhythms and melodies before coming to France in 1987 with the group Ndepp.

Tour in France, Holland, Germany and Switzerland.
Concerts and festivals (including Africolor St Denis in Paris, Oxygen Festival in Avignon, Lyon Traboules balls, Melk Weg, Amsterdam) ... for fifteen years.

Enriched by these experiences he developed a repertoire today Afro-Jazz (with lots of traditional colors).

Predilections instruments, electric guitars, acoustic, electric and synth.

Pedro Cornetta

Born in Brazil in 1984, has been working as composer, arranger and producer.
He plays his music on solo albums (such as "Paisagens Mentais" and "Umbral - Jazz From Beyond"), also creates with the collaborative musical project "Astrolabio" and directs "The Imaginary Quartet", which seeks to fuse the language improvised jazz with pre-established bases of modern electronic music, creating organic melodies and filling the spaces with colorful harmonies which reflects the beauty of Brazilian, Latin and European music.



Beginning as a drummer,she learned to play by ear. Her fascination with music was born.The poet within her bloomed, creating, a songwriter.
Unfamiliar to recording,her desire to sing never ceased,exploring avenues for collaborations, she found her way into an established group of local rappers,and producers of Still Active Records.Welcoming her , they took the time necessary,to show her, how to record, edit her tracks,and mixdown her own songs, she left with the ability to produce her own music.
She spent the next five years exploring her own sound, not being a musician was a struggle though. Spending her time seeking those locally who would help create,what was vivid in her mind, she began to record the first song she wrote.

Dozens of songs later, her passion only increases.Her lyrics are taken to heart, and relatable.Women relate well to her songs, but its the young, abused, and broken woman, she is singing to.Women need to hear, that they're not alone, and stronger than they've been made to feel they are, and who better tell them that, than a woman who has been both.

Kocee/Monsieur Jean/Different Universes

Founded the band Different Universes & member from Men from Nobu (ex FueL & Effendi), the releases made in collaboration with his friend pianist Vartan Fau for labels like Nylon Trax, Lokossa Music (owner),
Raw Matter Recordings (owner) & Living 4 the Future Records.
This new alt explores more into the jazz, soul, funk, disco tinted of broken-beat and flirting on deep chilled out ambiances.

Big Lee

Hip-hop artist from U.K.

Men from Nobu (ex FueL & Effendi)

explosive trio that combines machinery and men, for better groove.
With Jean Dovy machinery, Roy Rhythm on percussion and vocals and keyboards Vartan, "Men From Nobu" distills its electrofunk style, with upscale places in Paris, New York, Berlin ...
Men From Nobu is the unique mix between Africa and machines, between the groove and electro. many influences, so much wealth, the essence of Men From Nobu is the entire groove planet.
Men From Nobu are : Vartan Fau (Keyboards/Arrangement), Roy Rythm (Percussions/Vocals), Jean Dovy (Drums programming/Arrangement)


French jazz trio leaded by Vartan Fau, the band of confirmed musicians performs some original tracks.
Some fresh new jazz recorded live to catch all the magic of their sessions.
Uricane are :Vartan Fau on keyboards,Patrick Cassotti on drums and Rico Gaultier on sax (alto & soprano) + flute.



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